This research has been made possible by the generosity and support of a large number of institutions and their staff.

In United Kingdom we should like to thank the following institutions who allowed us access to their collections and to the staff who talked to us: Birmingham City Art Galleries and Museums (, Birmingham City Libraries, The Black Cultural Archives (, The British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, The British Museum (, Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (http:www., Leicester City Museums (, National Maritime Museum (,  National Museums on Merseyside (,  Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford (, The Wellcome Collection ( A number of other people have been equally generous: we should like to thank Katherine Prior, Katherine Hann, Henrietta Lidchi, Mark Sealy at Autograph ABP, Shaun Lang, Craig Madden (who took photographs for us), Stephen Brown, Chris Morton and a number who prefer to remain anonymous.

In the Netherlands we should like to thank the Indies Center of Remembrance (, Arnhem, the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (, the Armymuseum, Delft (, the  Photograph Museum, Rotterdam (, Museum Nusantara, Delft (, the World Museum, Rotterdam ( ), Museum Maluku, Utrecht (, the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden (, the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (, the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribean Studies (, Leiden; the Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocidestudies (, Amsterdam, Foundation Tong Tong (, The Hague, Museum Bronbeek (, Arnhem and the Tinker Imagineers (, Utrecht. We also would like to thank for their generous support the many anonymous curators and the following people: Naro Snackey, Wim Manuhutu, Yvonne van Genugten, Anouk van Mansfeld and Wayne Modest.

In Norway, we should like to thank the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo (, RiddoDuottarMuseat-Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat (The Sámi Collections), Karasjok,  (, The Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Hamar; Mission Archives, Stavanger, (, University Museum of Bergen, Bergen, ( In addition to the staff in these institutions, we could like to thank the Sami artists Gjert Rognli, Hege Siri and Bente Geving,  Thomas Michael Welle (Norsk Folkemuseum), Pauline Hoath, Professor Arne Martin Klausen and all those who comment on the website draft